When Will You Light Your Fuse? College Selection

Two-hundred forty-two years ago, there was a party in Boston.

December 16th, is the day the Boston Tea Party took place in 1773. The event is credited as the culmination of months of displeasure by the colonists being subjected to crown’s taxes, without representation.

Comparing Tea to College

I was struck by the thought of how expensive college is and am wondering aloud, when will students and parents “light the fuse” to stop mindlessly paying exhorbitant tuition fees for a college education?

This year? Next? Ten years from now?

Many students we work with are already fighting back.

Take the time to consider the colleges you are applying to and the programs they offer – AFTER you have determined what your family can afford to pay for school. Not only for the high school senior, but also for their younger siblings. For many families, they have more than one child to educate and it make sense to learn how to put together a funding strategy for all four years of college, for each student.

Here is how we help families begin that process. Click here to have us run your EFC (Expected Family Contribution) for free.

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