The Need For College Game Plan?

Is There Really A Need For A Plan?

Judge for yourselves:

  • Cost of education at a four-year college: $20,000-55,000+ per year
  • Actual four year graduation rates: Less than 47%
  • Average debt carried by students at graduation: $25,000-38,000 and rising yearly (and this is only average)
  • Many students and families are facing well over $50,000 in educational debt
  • Parental debt for education costs: Unknown (not reported), but climbing steeply
  • Amount of free financial aid assisted by Strategies For College (founder of College Search Game Plan)?

We have regularly helped our annual clients receive over $5 million in tuition grant offers.

What makes this different from generic “how to” books and informational websites?

It puts you, students and parents in control.

It Is A True Action Plan For College Search

The Game Plan gives you:

  • A complete, detailed, and clear map of the whole college search process
  • A clear way to define the objectives for the student and the family
  • Tools for planning your financial strategy
  • Unique tools to really match your student with the best college options
  • The finest available prep courses for PSAT, SAT, and ACT
  • Complete instruction in student financial aid and awards

How do we deliver it to you?

  • Easy to follow instruction videos that show you exactly what to do each step of the way
  • You can review the videos if you need to refresh your memory
  • You and your students learn how to use the tools at your own speed and convenience
  • If you prefer to read instructions, pdf documents will cover every video
  • Live webinars to cover special issues and for Q & A (also to be recorded for your convenience)

How does this compare to private counseling?

  • College Search Game Plan is a fully integrated and interactive online instruction course.
  • It delivers the same tools, strategies, and instructions that have helped more than four thousand families succeed in their college search, admissions, and financial aid efforts.
  • Modern technology has dramatically changed the way we can teach, and allows us to deliver the service to a greater number of people at a much lower cost.
  • This same technology allows you to follow the course on your own schedule and have your questions answered via webinars, teleseminars, e-mail, and newsletter updates.

And if you still feel that you need special private services, they are also available.

What can we expect?

What we can tell you is that, if you follow the Game Plan, you should have a list of four to eight schools that are excellent matches for your student by the time the award letters come through.

Your financial planning and student financial aid strategy will mean that you know exactly what your options are for each of these schools, and what efforts you can make to improve those awards.

The college search, admissions and financial aid game is complex and confusing. Following the Game Plan puts you in control of the process and gives you the best opportunity for a winning strategy.