Family Online Program

Comprehensive Tutorial Program With Free Trial

Begin with a free 7-day trial. After that, it’s completely up to you. You have time to review:

  • All instructional tutorials on college finance, scholarships, college search, time management, etc
  • Detailed instructional videos on college search and financial analysis tools
  • Resource library
  • Calculators and other tools
  • Forums and Q&A service

Learn to create an effective college plan, similar to what a private college counselor would create, for a fraction of the cost! Create your plan with the same sequence and similar tools we use.

  • Establish eligibility for need-based financial aid (using our EFC calculator)
  • Establish student competitive position (using our proprietary calculation)
  • Identify student and family preferences (using our college priorities exercise)
  • Conduct an effective college search (using our college data base)
  • Set your financial aid award expectations and measure the outcomes
  • You have access to planning tools that that have been used successfully for the past twenty years
  • Email questions and get answers from our professional team within 12-24 hours!
  • Attend any scheduled special topic webinars

Families can subscribe to CSGP membership monthly and leave whenever they feel sufficient planning has been completed.

Families will also have free access to reports and online presentations.

By enrolling, you and your student (child, grandchild, niece or nephew) will earn tuition discounts at 300+ colleges. Up to one full year of tuition is available. Contact us for details.

What makes this different from generic “how to” books and informational websites?

It puts you in touch with a proven system and with professionals in college admission and financial aid.

“In a thirty-five year career – spanning Ivy League universities and smaller liberal arts colleges – I was an admissions director working with literally hundreds of thousands of families. As a first-hand witness to the rising need for expert advice I found the Strategies For College counseling model is the first and finest of its kind.

The SFC model integrates – like no other – strategic college selection and sound financial advice. This approach provides a unique Big Picture view to higher education affordability so families are able to identify colleges that “fit”: socially, academically and financially.

Strategies For College can be a giant, empowering step in the right direction. We highly recommend SFC to any family seeking direction for college admissions and funding strategies.”

Dan Lundquist
Former Director of Admissions
University of Pennsylvania
Union College