Crazy Notes from Financial Aid!

Has your student received one of these notes?

IMPORTANT – Financial Aid Application Status
We are sending this email reminder as a courtesy.
Your admission application indicates that you and your family are applying for financial aid consideration. As of today we have not received the CSS PROFILE financial aid application, which is required for us to be able to consider you for grant assistance.
February 1 is the deadline to submit the CSS PROFILE. The link to the CSS PROFILE is
Please be advised that if your financial aid application remains incomplete you will be ineligible for admission to OUR COLLEGE.
If you no longer intend to apply for grant assistance, please email the financial aid office and request to have your admission application updated.
Please just let us know if you have any questions.
Warm Regards,
Financial Aid Office

Well, it turns out the student who received this note today, actually had submitted the CSS PROFILE several days ago.

If you have submitted the CSS PROFILE (and FAFSA), then go to the “Status Application” section of the CSS PROFILE to review the submission dates. Then, contact the college in question, to let them know that the Profile has been filed and the email should be ignored.

You’ll see this note to help you out.

If a financial aid office has told you that they have not received your PROFILE and this status indicates that
it has been reported, you can be certain that your college has your information. Because colleges receive
many PROFILE reports each day, your report is most likely in process. Your PROFILE Acknowledgment may
tell you when you can expect to receive a financial aid award letter from your college.

Keep watching out for those pesky emails from Financial Aid – so that you can respond to their queries quickly. And make sure your student is checking their email on a daily basis!

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