College Application Reading Time! What Should A Student Do While Waiting?

It’s that time of the college application season again – Reading Period!

This is the time of the year when college admissions folks become invisible to the general public, their spouses, and their children as they are holed up, reading applications.

Doing their best at giving applicants a “holistic” review.

So does anyone really think that each and every application is read from front to back? Here’s a great short video from an admissions committee at a highly selective liberal arts college.

How will it work at the colleges you (or your student) applied to? Should your student care? The life of a high school senior is crazy enough as it is – now is a great time of the year to actually enjoy being a senior in high school! Go hang out with friends. Read a good book. Spend time with family. Go cheer on your high school teams.

Take the time to go play. But don’t slack off! Keep the Senior Slump at bay!

There is nothing you can do about your applications, now that they are all in the hands of the admissions committees. You will hear soon enough – typically, by the end of March (unless you applied Early Action at all of your schools!).

Make sure Team Family is ready for the big decision to be made in April!

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