5 Useful Lessons For College Planning

Here are 5 valuable lessons to learn when starting the college planning process. This is best digested by high school Sophomores and Juniors!

Lesson 1: Define the key concepts for conducting a successful college search

What are the critical elements of your college game plan?

  • Affordability?
  • Admissability?
  • Fitting in?
  • All of the above?

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Lesson 2: Calculate your financial comfort zone

  • What is COA?
  • What is EFC?
  • What is Aid Eligibility?

Click here and you will be able to define your financial comfort zone for college costs, and how to integrate those costs into your budget and savings.

Lesson 3: Calculate how you (the student) “stacks up” against the competition

  • How does curriculum strength matter?
  • How does GPA work? Weighted? Unweighted?
  • How do standardized tests help or hinder Admissions?

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Lesson 4: Identify your college search criteria

Click here to learn about input from up to three perspectives: Dad, Mom and Student.

Lesson 5: Create your 18-24 month calendar

Build the major college planning events into your family calendar.

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