It’s time to drive/fly/ship your college Freshman off to school! In addition to making sure they have their new sheets and perhaps a new toothbrush, among other things… make sure they have these essential documents, too.

Your “baby” is heading off to college! The decision is made, the finances are in order- but………… there is one problem no one ever thinks about. Your “baby,” is now 18 years old – an “adult” in the eyes of the law, and as such you cannot make decisions for him or her anymore or access personal information. Just ask any parent who has tried to contact a school to deal with a financial matter or tried to contact the infirmary to deal with a health crisis.

Two simple documents can help you avoid these problems.

A power of attorney allows your child to appoint you to act on his behalf, should he become disabled or incompetent or is merely unavailable. This document will allow parents to deal with the financial aid office, the insurance adjuster or the bail bondsmen!

A health care proxy allows your child to appoint an agent to act on his behalf and make medical decisions when he cannot speak for himself. If the incapacity is long term, the power of attorney and health care proxy avoid the need for a court appointed guardian and conservator to make decisions for your child.

Taking the time to sit with a qualified, experienced estate planning attorney may seem like a luxury, but it is not. You send your child off to college with all the tools necessary to be successful. Make sure that these documents are part of that “tool box”.

This post was provided by Karen McSherry, Attorney at Law.



College Essay Brainstorming Time!

by Todd Weaver on July 1, 2016

college essayClass of 2017,

You are now rising SENIORS!

It’s pretty normal to begin thinking about your college application and essays around this time of year. If not, you’ll start thinking about them soon! Before you know it, classes will be starting, fall sports will be underway and colleges will begin clamoring for your applications.

Trust me, it’s going to be a jam-packed 90 days through Thanksgiving, and it all begins in roughly 60 days!

I suppose this time crunch is why most students want help with their essays, especially if they are applying to selective colleges. I just took some time to do a Google search: “how to write a college essay.” It returned 57,200,000 results in less than a second! Google tends to be a pretty accurate indicator of interest level, so what you see here is that just about every student thinking about selective colleges is out there looking for help. Unfortunately, on the internet you will find the good, the bad and the ugly. It’s telling them apart takes more time than you have.

So, is there a solution to this glut of information for students who want good old fashioned straight talk about the best ways to apply to college and how best to construct a winning essay?

There sure is!

Strategies For College, Inc. (now in our 26th year) will be offering several “personal” workshops (as in, humans will be present!) that will get you started on your main essay and your Common Application, or Coaltion Application.

In three short hours you’ll have all the tools and insider information you need to write a stunning essay and to present your “true self” on the Common Application. Workshops will be offered in August at the following locations:

Hanover, NH
Woburn, MA
Newton, MA
Middlebury, VT
Rutland, VT
Shelburne, VT
South Burlington, VT

Click here to let us know the dates that work best for you, and we will finalize the sessions using the top responses.

The workshop is free to students who are signed up for Module 4 (Common Application and Essays), but registration is required. Please register early to get the time and location that is the most convenient to you.

Take the stress out of writing your essays and applying to college. Get better results! Come with questions, leave with more ideas and a whole lot more confidence. Guaranteed!

If you have already purchased “Module 4 there is no charge for the workshop.

If you have not yet purchasedModule 4” this is the time to take action.

If you do not plan to purchaseModule 4” you may attend one of the workshops for a discounted fee, payable in advance with your registration. And if you decide to purchase our full service “Module 4” after your workshop, we’ll give you full credit toward the fee.

That’s fair, isn’t it?

Click here to register.

Yours for college success, the Counselors at Strategies For College, Inc.




Hey Juniors! Get Teacher Recommendations!

May 12, 2016

Tweet Tweet If you have ever wished that you could turn the tables on your teachers and assign them homework, now is your chance!   If you have not already done so, it’s time for you to request teacher recommendation(s) that will accompany your college applications.   Students are sometimes tempted to leave this part of […]

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